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Hard Chrome Plating ~ Electroless Nickel Plating & Related Metal Finishing Services

Main Services

At C&R we focus our primary attention and detail on two services. This specialized attention sets us apart from our competitors.

Our two primary services ~ HARD CHROME PLATING & ELECTROLESS NICKEL PLATING ~ provide a variety of working results:

HARD CHROME PLATING gives 2 to 10 times more service life than an original surface. The process eliminates galling and sticking on punches, molds and dies, salvages mis-machined and worn parts, and is excellent for mold release and wear.

ELECTROLESS NICKEL PLATING gives plated surfaces lubricity, conductivity, and uniform deposit for resistance of rust and corrosion. Electroless Nickel Plating is excellent for mold bases and numerous other applications.

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Hard Chrome Capabilities

Selective rack plating
Inside diameter & outside diameter on single pieces or production runs
Matte, satin, or polished finishes on steel, brass, stainless steel, cast iron & copper
Custom uniforming anodes


Electroless Nickel Capabilities

Rack and barrel plating on single or production pieces

Plating on steel, brass & copper


Hard Chrome Metal Plating & Electroless Nickel Metal Plating Services - Gastonia, North Carolina

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